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Morphologically, at this stage, a combination of dystrophic (accumulation of lipoprotein masses), fibrous and inflammatory processes is revealed. Despite the development of fibrosis, there is no decrease in lung volume, signs of chronic pulmonary heart develop only in some patients and relatively late.

The function of external respiration is impaired by a restrictive type, hypoxemia is determined during exercise, and cor pulmonale is formed in the terminal stage. The main methods for detecting alveolar proteinosis are X-ray examination and Modafinil pills computed tomography. The diagnosis is established on the basis of histological examination.

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Pathological anatomy. Macroscopically, grayish-white dense tubercles in the form of grains are determined on the surface of the lungs. Microscopic examination in the alveoli and bronchioles reveals a PAS-positive substance. Birefringent crystals of cholesterol are also determined. The noted changes are detected mainly in the subpleural parts of the lungs.

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The defeat of the alveoli is uneven. In some cases, an inflammatory exudate containing fibrin is determined. Alveolar macrophages in the affected alveoli are a rare finding, which can presumably be associated with both the inhibitory properties of the protein-lipoid substance and the immunosuppressive effect of an excess amount of surfactant.

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Hyperplasia and hypertrophy of type II alveolocytes are noted. Clinic and course. For a long time, the disease can be asymptomatic and detected by chance during a preventive fluorographic study.

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The leading clinical sign is slowly progressive shortness of breath, which is accompanied by a cough with scanty sputum, often subfebrile body temperature, chest pain, sweating, weight loss, fatigue. There may be hemoptysis. The severity of cyanosis depends on the degree of respiratory failure.

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